Encounter with an Eagle

It’s always exciting to find a Bald Eagle, but even more engaging to see one intently observing YOU. Last week, I found this lovely raptor roosting high in a Cottonwood tree along the shore of Lake Sammamish.

We have eagles here year-round, but their numbers increase as the weather warms up. I have counted up to 12 in the air at once, while paddling in this particular lake.

The pure white head and tail on this individual are signs of a sexually mature adult. Juveniles start out a mottled brown and take about five years to develop the plumage you see here (click the photo for an enlarged image).

I’ve seen an eagle dive from hundreds of feet in the air to pluck a 4-inch fish from the water. No doubt this one could clearly see the snaps on my jacket, and, if I were a salmon, it would be happy to take me to lunch!

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