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Springtime Intensity

Spring has finally arrived. In the Pacific Northwest, this means at least one warm sunny day, plus who knows how many chilly overcast days. Today the weather was warm enough to venture out for photos of a female Red-shafted Flicker we saw from our car yesterday. She had been excavating a nesting cavity in a […]

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A Banded Cooper’s Hawk

Yesterday I visited Magnuson Park in North Seattle. I’ve developed a pretty good eye for noticing raptors in trees, and as I drove around a corner my attention was immediately drawn to a hawk perched ten feet up a tree. Around here, hawks are either accipiters, which have a thin body, or buteos, which are […]

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Hundreds of Cormorants

Last week, a bridge closure necessitated a drive around the north end of Lake Washington. There I discovered over 200 Double-crested Cormorants roosting in trees along the shore. I returned the next afternoon to take photos of them roosting and flying. Double-crested Cormorants are common in most of North America, where they live, breed, and […]

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