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Lunch-Box Birds

I want to call them “lunch-box” birds: those birds I see from my car while parked on some shrubby parking strip eating my lunch. Yesterday I saw several at Marymoor Park, where I drove to sit and enjoy a take-out pint of curry soup. Entering the dirt parking lot, I noticed a small flock of […]

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After the Melt: Varied Thrushes!

My home office overlooks our street, a quiet cul-de-sac in Kirkland. It’s perfect for watching neighborhood going’s-on—including, of course, whatever birds are around. Yesterday morning there were an unusual number of yard birds, happily picking at the seeds and other detritis left by the melting snow. Juncos, Robins, Chickadees, and—most exciting for me—Varied Thrushes. More […]

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When a Bird Hits Your Window

It has happened to me and possibly to you, too: You hear a startling “thud” against a window, then you see a tiny smudge of feathers on the glass. And on the ground below the window, you find a dazed or unconscious bird… All may not be lost, even if the bird is unconscious. Share

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Winter in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. is known for its long, bleak winters.  The cloudy days seem never-ending. And even though temperatures rarely drop below freezing, the rainy dampness is chilling. It’s hard to drag myself outdoors to photograph birds. But I do. And it’s well worth it. There are plenty of birds to […]

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