When a Bird Hits Your Window

American Robin

You can protect yard birds like this Robin from hitting windows.

It has happened to me and possibly to you, too: You hear a startling “thud” against a window, then you see a tiny smudge of feathers on the glass. And on the ground below the window, you find a dazed or unconscious bird…

All may not be lost, even if the bird is unconscious. To increase its chances of recovery, place the bird gently in a cardboard box where it can rest in darkness and quiet for several hours. This gives the bird time to recover from shock, and for any brain swelling to subside if there’s a concussion. A bird that is alert after this period of time can be released into the wild or brought to a wild-animal rehabilitation center (click here for a list of U.S. rehab centers here).

You Can Prevent Bird Strikes

Most “window-strikes” can be prevented easily and inexpensively. Birds are highly aware of raptors (birds of prey). Just  tape a raptor silhouette to your window. Birds heading into your window will take notice and change their course. Hanging a few bright objects in front of the window is also known to divert birds—old CDs, with their reflective surface, work well.

Here are four eagle and hawk silhouettes you can print, cut out, and tape in your windows. This is a fun activity with kids that also helps them learn to value and protect our wildlife. Click each image to download a printable PDF file (requires the Free Acrobat Reader).

Raptor silhouette  Raptor silhouette  Raptor silhouette  Raptor silhouette

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