Website Creation

I design and develop websites, but it doesn’t stop there. I’m able to further help my clients understand internet marketing essentials: effective user interface (UI) design; concise, accurate verbiage; strategic use of graphics; and a user-centric orientation. I also offer integration of websites with e-commerce and social media, including saving my clients work by automating functions such as email list maintenance.

(Only primary examples are listed below. For more examples, click the categories in the left column.)

WordPress Website:

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site.

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site. is the website of Carolyn Koehnline, a Bellingham psychotherapist who successfully uses a combination of formal psychotherapeutic techniques and creative exercises to help clients clear space for what they want in life.

When I created Carolyn’s first website in 2009, I made a point to understand her work, her target audience, and her personal style. Read more

WordPress Website for Linda Waterfall, Musician

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Linda Waterfall is a nationally-acclaimed composer, songwriter, and performer. She first hired me for several promotional photo shoots, then to design two CD packages, and most recently to rebuild her website from the ground up.

Since Linda enjoys writing and technology, WordPress was a logical choice for the site platform. We worked in close collaboration to develop a site that met her requirements: Read more